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Abe Fromans of FW

Not your Average Pizza
“It’s all about pizza, gnocchi, charcuterie and cheeses,” says Victor Villarreal, chef and owner of Abe Fromans of Fort Worth. “Everything is 100% from scratch and local.” The restaurant is a unique spin on classic Italian food with pizza, calzones, charcuterie and other dishes. Lunch and dinner are prepared with made-from-scratch sauces and pizza dough. Abe Fromans signature pizza has a sausage meatball-stuffed crust, ricotta cheese, pear relish and is topped with more sausage.

Victor explains the name: I’m a huge “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” fan and in it, Abe Fromans, the sausage king of Chicago, was the coolest character but no one ever saw him. So Abe Fromans of Fort Worth is what we came up with.”

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