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Knife Burger – Best Burger in Texas

“It’s something you can have and enjoy for the same price as a fast-food burger,” says John Tesar, the Dallas steak restauranteur and chef behind Knife Burger at FoodHall, “but this brings back memories of that first really good burger you ever had.” Knife Burger has a simple menu of four burgers (plus a veggie option), four shakes and fries, with a beverage menu that includes craft cocktails, wine and beer. Tesar’s signature burgeris called the “Ozersky” and is a half-pound of hand-packed beef loaded with cheese and onion on a simple bun. Knife Burger is rated Best Burger by Texas Monthly.


“I’ve been wanting to come to FW for a long time,” Tesar says. “We’ve been very lucky to have our dreams come true.”

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