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PRESS WAFFLE CO.: Sweet and Savory Waffle Creations

“It started when we came across a small café in Scotland and the waffles were unlike anything we’d ever eaten,” said co-owner Bryan Lewis. “Two years later, my brother Caleb and I were serving waffles from a food truck in Dallas.” Now that food-truck experience is FoodHall’s Press Waffle Co., serving sweet, savory, or customized waffles and locally-roasted coffees for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. The specialty is the Liege waffle, made from dough instead of batter and so is denser, thicker and sweeter than you’d expect. Savory options include waffles with chicken tenders and bacon crumble. A diner can customize their waffle with any of 14 toppings.

“We use real ingredients, time-honored recipes from ‘across the pond’, and artisanal baking techniques,” noted co-owner Caleb. “Take a look at our waffles and just try not to let your stomach growl!”

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